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Who Are We?
Santa Cop is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization of the Grand Prairie Police Dept. We provide toys, books, and personal care items to the less fortunate children and families of Grand Prairie, primarily at Christmas, but also during times of natural disasters, fire, and family violence situations. We work directly with Santa Spot organization, Grand Prairie Fire Dept., which provides non-perishable food items to these families also. Santa Spot works under Santa Cop's 501-3(c) Non-Profit status.

Our Mission
Santa Cop and Santa Spot provides assistance to the less fortunate of Grand Prairie, during Christmas, and times of natural disaster, fire, floods, and instances of Family Violence. This helps those children and families to cope with their difficult times making the way to a better living situation.

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Santa Cop, Inc.

1525 Arkansas Ln
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

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Outstanding Needs of Santa Cop, Inc.

Item Needs (click need below to see detail)

Non Perishable Food Items, Hair dryers, flat irons etc., wallets, handheld games christmas gifts for girls and boys ages 12-16

Volunteer Needs (click need below to see detail)

Volunteers for the 2013 Christmas Season!