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Who Are We?
Our focus is on the working poor or under-employed families who are simply trying to make ends meet. They make too much to qualify for government assistance, yet have no way to meet a crisis or unexpected expense. Our goal is to provide a hand UP not a hand OUT by fostering and encouraging independence and self-sufficiency. We give them HOPE. HOPE of the Grand Valley's Stonehaven Please join HOPE of the Grand Valley in revitalizing our community by helping us to purchase the Stonehaven home in Fruita, CO. We will make it a refuge for hardworking families struggling to get ahead and specific women and children. These families are hard working families with children that do NOT qualify for government assistance. Stonehaven will provide them a refuge as they work to save their money to pay first and last months rent to get their own place and independent. We will also provide invaluable resources and support to get them on solid ground.

Our Mission
Striving to fill the gaps in our Grand Valley with our working under-employed parents with children and first time single mothers with newborns with the desire to make a change and pave a way to a bright future for their child.

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HOPE of the Grand Valley

PO Box 532
Fruita, Colorado 81521

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