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Who Are We?
Grand Valley Zoological Quest (GVZQ) is a FOR IMPACT ORGANIZATION which seeks to create The Children's Nature Center scheduled to open December, 2013. Our goal is to have A POSITIVE IMPACT ON OUR COMMUNITY by providing opportunities in education, conservation, and research, as well as the enhancement of our beautiful valley's lifestyle. Education is of great importance to GVZQ and we are research based. For decades, researchers have studied the important benefits of children interacting with animals and nature. Some of those findings include: nurturing relationships between children and animals helps to cultivate empathy in children; children’s interaction with animals create a sense of responsibility for living things; children who interact with nature and animals grow up to be conservation conscience adults; and children who are exposed to nature score higher on standardize tests. Research further demonstrates that populations of individuals such as: the elderly, autistic, developmental disabled, physically disabled, and Veterans suffering from PTSD, report positive benefits to their lifestyle when interacting with animals. Currently, GVZQ’s offers educational classes to local schools, literacy to life science. Lesson plans are written by licensed teachers and zoological professionals. Our programs follow the standards sanctioned by School District 51, the State of Colorado’s Department of Education, and support the goal of The National Science Foundation's STEM. Since January 2011, over 16,000 students of all ages have participated in our educational programs and outreach. Imagine what we can accomplish with a facility of our own! GVZQ has leased a 3,000 sq. ft. building in which to create The Children’s Nature Center. The Children’s Nature Center will open late October-November, 2013. Our immersion exhibits in species naturalistic habitats and educational activities will draw guests from all over the western slope seeking enrichment as well as entertainment. It is our desire that this facility be welcoming to residents in the Grand Valley as well as the estimated 600,000 residents on the western slope, the 5 million residents of Colorado but also to neighboring states and distant travelers.

Our Mission
Grand Valley Zoological Quest is a center devoted to education, research, conservation, reproduction, and the enrichment of fauna and flora exhibited in comparable natural habitats as well as the education, enrichment, and recreation of those who visit.

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Grand Valley Zoological Quest

404 Jurassic Avenue
Fruita, CO 81521

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Children's Nature Center

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Children's Nature Center