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Grand Junction Imagination Library

04/29/2015 Donations
In 2014, Mesa County ranked 23rd out of the 25 largest counties in Colorado where 4th grade students are NOT proficient in reading. That's 35.6% of our 4th graders! We are a 100% all volunteer nonprofit, so every dollar raised is used for mailing and purchasing books to local children! Each book costs $2.12. Just $26.00 will purchase a book a month for a child for an entire year!

Center for Independence

10/30/2013 Good Running Car
CFI is looking for a good running car to meet our outreach needs and goals as we work to meet the needs of so many rural consumers. CFI is a Mesa County Enterprise Zone. therefor foe every cash or inkind donation you give, you can receive an additipnal Mesa County Enterprise Zone State Tax Credit.

HOPE of the Grand Valley

09/13/2013 Everything Baby
We need Everything for babies. We have had the pleasure of providing moms and babies with everything they need, now we are Out of baby items Everything Baby! bassinets cribs changing tables dressers bottles newborn diapers newborn clothes you name it, we need it

Riverside Educational Center

08/01/2013 Laser Color Printer
Students often have special projects for school that require them to print out pictures, graphs, charts, etc. We are looking for a laser color printer that has affordable replacement cartridges.

Riverside Educational Center

08/01/2013 TI 84 Calculators
We have several students in higher level math classes that could benefit from having a scientific calculator to utilize during our tutoring services. We are looking for two calculators to be donated.

Riverside Educational Center

08/01/2013 Large size popcorn machine
We had use of a popcorn machine last year and popped corn three times a week for our students as an afterschool snack. Recently we had to give back the machine and would love to have it replaced. The kids loved the popcorn and we felt good as adults feeding them a healthier type snack. Thanks for your consideration.

Grand Valley Zoological Quest

07/29/2013 Children's Nature Center
Double Stainless Steel sink an work station Kitchen cabinets Refrigerator Commercial Dishwasher Range/oven Two interior doors

HOPE of the Grand Valley

07/29/2013 Baby Items
bassinets cribs changing tables in Gently Used condition