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The goal of Chamber for Good is to increase the visibility of our local charitable organizations and to facilitate local giving of time, items and money to those organizations and the causes they support. Your local chamber of commerce oversees Chamber for Good and determines which charities are eligible to be featured on the website. If you have any questions as to whether or not your organization is eligible, contact your local chamber. Otherwise, please take a few moments and complete the form below. Once completed and submitted, the application will be reviewed generally within 24 hours. Once your organization has been approved, an email will be sent to you with the information you need to access your account and begin posting needs.

In order to be listed on Chamber for Good at this time, your organization must be a 501c3 engaged in charitable activities benefiting Fayette County residents in need, or be a public school within the Fayette County Board of Education district. It must also be based within the Chamber service area of Fayette County, Georgia or have a strong operational presence within the county. Organizations do not have to be chamber members to be listed; however, chamber member organizations will exclusively be shown in the featured charity area on the site. After an initial application is made, to be activated on the site, 501c3 charities will be asked to provide a copy of their IRS exemption letter and the most recent 990 filing as an exempt organization.

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