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Who Are We?
The Arizona Veteran StandDown Alliance is a DBA of the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness and was formed not only to manage the Maricopa County StandDown but to assist in funding the StandDown events that occur throughout the state. A StandDown is community-based event where organizations come together to provide annual, one to three day events that bring together the State's homeless and at-risk military veterans, connecting them with services ranging from:VA HealthCare, Mental Health Services, Clothing, Meals, Emergency Shelter, Transitional and Permanent Housing, ID/ Drivers License's, Court Services and Legal Aide, Showers and Haircuts and myriad other services and resources. StandDowns are held in different counties throughout the State with the largest, serving approximately 1,850 veterans, at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Maricopa County on Jnuary of this year. While its primary goal is helping homeless veterans access the resources needed (including housing) to regain their highest level of independence; its secondary goal is to bring our community and service providers together in a collaborative format that can build relationships throughout the year that positively benefit homeless and at-risk veterans. Ultimately, it is our hope that the events will create the awareness, political/community will and consistent data necessary to acquire the on-going resources it will take to end veteran homelessness once and for all.

Our Mission

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Arizona Veteran StandDown Alliance

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