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Who Are We?
The Cambridge International Street Art Festival is a not-for-profit entity whose core purpose is to create, develop, administrate and operate the festival which promotes the creative scope and merits of ‘street’ art and artists, in particular, street ‘chalk’ painters and graffiti artists. Promotion of these art forms and artists is accomplished by inviting ‘feature’ artists (local, regional, national and international) who create their work at the festival over the course of 2 days (August 13 & 14, 2016). Feature artists are those who have a positive reputation amongst their peers and are recognized as exceptional in talent. The festival is a family-friendly event and will place a strong emphasis on community and family involvement, encouraging and inviting local/regional schools, parents or grandparents with young children, teens and or adults in general, who enjoy art to participate and create their own art on the street, regardless of their level of talent. Large areas of the road will be set aside for adults/teens as well as the ‘Kids Chalk Talk Zone’ for parents with younger children. There will also be the ‘Graffiti Challenge’ which is a fun ‘challenge’. Two participants at a time (12 years or older), from the audience, are able to challenge one another to create the most interesting graffiti on a ‘canvas’ within a 15 minute time span. The audience picks a ‘winner’ and the winner gets a trinket of some sort but the real intent is to involve the audience to try their hand at graffiti and explore creativity in a way they have likely never tried before. Learning through participation provides education and an appreciation for the art form in a positive manner.The core festival activity will be supported by food and craft vendors as well as musical performers.

Our Mission
To provide and grow a unique, world-class annual event that draws local, regional, provincial and international street 'chalk' and graffiti artists - and visitors - to the City of Cambridge, which will bring multiple benefits to the region. As a not-for-profit entity, the organization will give back a portion of profits to arts-based groups (and schools) while promoting artistic endeavours and appreciation for the arts. To make the event nothing but fun, bring joy to the community and bring even more pride to the City of Cambridge.

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Cambridge International Street Art Festival

440 Moore Street
Cambridge, ON N3H 3A9

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