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Who Are We?
The members of the Journey Church began planning the process to create a homeless shelter and supportive housing program in 2009. The leaders and members wanted to address the complex needs of people requesting assistance but knew the opportunities for this population were limited in Aberdeen. With much detailed planning, The Journey Home was up and running three years after the birth of the initial idea. The Journey Home remains as a daughter organization of the Journey Church. The Journey Home was developed to address the problems of homelessness, criminal recidivism, and chemical dependency in the Aberdeen area. Our mission is to provide a safe haven to those who have lived complicated lives by demonstrating the love and guidance of Jesus Christ. The Journey Home welcomes everyone of all faiths or of no faith and does not seek to proselytize Christian beliefs. Essentially, we seek to provide people with a hand up rather than a hand out. We are committed to serving people regardless of their gender, age, religious denomination, sexual orientation, political beliefs, background or income. We are equally committed to working with our neighbors through open, honest and ongoing communication.

Our Mission

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The Journey Home

420 South Washington
Aberdeen, SD 57401

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