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Who Are We?
Safe Harbor began in 1977 by several community members that recognized the need in our area for victims of domestic violence. Originally known as The Resource Center for Women, was a call center that victims could call in to receive information as to resources available to them and victim advocates could assist in safety planning. In the 1980’s the agency changed its name to The Resource Center to reflect that the agency can assist women, children, and men. Also in the 1980’s the agency acquired what is now the shelter. This building was used as both the shelter and an administrative building. In the 1990’s the agency acquired the 310 S. Kline St. building and is used to house most of all the agency staff. In 2000 the agency name was changed to Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor serves 7 counties; Brown, Campbell, Day, Edmunds, Marshall, McPherson, and Potter. Safe Harbor provides advocacy to victims of violence by assisting in protection orders, attending any court hearings (protection order hearings, divorce, child custody, criminal cases involving the perpetrator to keep the victim informed). When a domestic violence incident or sexual assault is called into law enforcement an advocate will meet with the victim at their home or at the hospital to discuss options and how Safe Harbor can assist them. An advocate will also work with victims in safety planning, and attend meetings with attorney’s, counselors, forensic interviews, law enforcement. The job of an advocate does not end after the violent incident occurs, it continues until the client can move from victim to survivor. Kids Konnection is another program of Safe Harbor that provides Supervised Visitation and Exchanges. There is a contract through the Department of Social Services Child Protection Services. When a Protection Order is written it can be requested that the alleged perpetrator has to do supervised visitations. When a perpetrator is arrested for a domestic violence charge there is an automatic No Contact order put in place. Upon request the victim and the perpetrator can contact the Kids Konnection program and request to arrange supervised exchanges. This avoids any violation of the no contact order. Sometimes in divorce cases a judge may require that for a short time the parents will need to do supervised exchanges. There are also times that attorney’s will make arrangements for parents to do supervised exchanges or visits because of disputes the parents may have.

Our Mission
Empower individuals in abusive situations by providing advocacy and support services; to educate and motivate the community to be proactive in eliminating abuse.

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Safe Harbor

PO Box 41 310 S. Kline St.
Aberdeen, SD 57402-0041

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