Join the Cause - Give Local!

Chamber for Good is a network of chambers of commerce throughout the country dedicated to leveraging the visibility, credibility and relationships of the local chamber to support local charities and causes. Your local chamber of commerce serves as the champion of the backyard cause and the leader of the Give Local movement.

Chamber for Good is a community-building tool that recognizes that a town or city becomes a true community when local residents and businesses become aware of local needs and have access to a mechanism which allows them to be part of the solution.

Chamber for Good is a 3x3 community engagement tool that makes it easy for residents to support local charities and causes. The 3x3 describes the three horizontal 'trailheads' of giving: donate money, donate time (volunteer), and donate items. And it describes the three levels of vertical-residential engagement (from most engaged to passive): browse needs, make item or volunteer 'offers', receive weekly automated 'community needs' email.

Charities can become members of their local Chamber for Good at no cost (assuming they meet the chamber-established eligibility criteria) and have complete control over their organizational profile. Additionally, they have the ability to post financial, volunteer and item needs as they arise. Once the needs are submitted, they are instantly visible and are included in the weekly "Local Charity Needs" email that goes out to all interested residents and businesses.

DISCLAIMER: Chamber for Good does not endorse, rate or qualify the individual charities that may appear anywhere on the website. Each Chamber of Commerce manages its own chamber-specific Chamber for Good website and is responsible for determining which charities may be listed. Each chamber has its own unique charity eligibility statement/policy that can be found at the top of the page when a charity clicks 'Add Charity'. A charity's presence on a chamber-specific Chamber for Good website does not constitute an endorsement or assumption of quality in any way. A charity's presence can only be interpreted as having met the eligibility criteria as stated by the respective local chamber of commerce at the top of the 'Add Charity' page. We encourage those interested in supporting a particular charity found on Chamber for Good to do their own research as to the mission, effectiveness and quality of the organization before contributing time, money or items.